We Do Wood gives kitchen baton to Garde Hvalsøe

We Do Wood gives kitchen baton to Garde Hvalsøe – and is therefore a design collaboration on this particular front. We Do Wood was the first in Denmark who worked with bamboo kitchens, and has in recent years had a tremendous development in his profession.

We Do Wood / Garde Hvalsøe bamboo kitchen is, unlike the other Garde Hvalsøe kitchens, not made in special sizes or with the carpenter total drawers. We Do Wood-kitchens are standard with bamboo trays, as tradition has been with We Do Wood. It means a lot for the price, about 50% below Garde Hvalsøes average kitchen prices.

We have been looking forward to bidding We Do Wood formally welcome and we look forward to an exciting collaboration with this sustainable bamboo kitchen – with either bamboo or linoleum fronts fronts.

Press releases concerning the design collaboration between We Do Wood and Garde Hvalsøe.

It was bamboo kitchens which in its time was the beginning for We Do Wood, and with a chief designer who has been a cabinetmaker apprentice Garde Hvalsøe, was co obvious, since the new strategy prescribed an increased focus on furniture and design tasks.

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In 2012, we at Garde Hvalsøe signed a design collaboration with We Do Wood, who is internationally renowned for their innovative design and furniture, in the sustainable material bamboo. Sebastian Jørgensen chief designer at We Do Wood, has in its time been apprenticed as a cabinetmaker in our workshop, and over the years as an apprentice and journeyman built many kitchens and furniture Garde Hvalsøe auspices.

“We are proud of the new design collaboration with Garde Hvalsøe which continues the rapid development We Do Wood has experienced in recent years. The new kitchen from Garde Hvalsøe points both back to the early years of We Do Wood’s story, where Sebastian Jorgensen and Henrik Thygesen designed the first bamboo kitchens in Denmark.