Tree stump – uncompromising and unique storage

With the desire to take nature inside and create a unique and sculptural storage solution Garde Hvalsøe • Thoughts and Wood in collaboration with Schmidt Hammer Lassen and created ‘tree stump’.

The furniture is first drawn in 3D, and these drawings were to be converted to tighten the shape in which we with a special thick elmtræsfinér could buckle the shells up as general construction.

All interior space and drawers are lined with black calfskin and handles on doors and markings on the drawers where to press to open is made of wenge.

interior space and drawers

The furniture can be seen in our exhibition at Oslo Plads 16, DK-2100 KBH Island.

Our new brochure is now finally approved by us at Garde Hvalsøe, graphic designers and everyone else who participated in this project that has lasted a few months, all of which have done so much to perfect our new book. On Tuesday, there were press start on the book!

We look forward to seeing the final result, which is somewhat different than the current book we have now, and we’re very, very excited to receive the first edition.

When the digital version is finally ready, you will also find a link to this here.

UPDATE 13/08/2013:
Our new brochure is now online and can be found on iBoligens website. See more here:

Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition is imminent, and the final preparations are well under way around the country. This year, the works – the theme of storage – seen at the Danish Design Museum from 1 November 2013 – March 30, 2014.

The designers Rikke Hagen and Andreas Lund has been responsible for the lines where we at Garde Hvalsøe A / S acts manufacturers, for their views on a practical storage unit, which has resulted in a work of fine storage options.

Right now the bench is taking shape in our workshop, and more photos will be continuously shared. We look forward to seeing the final result, and follow the preparatory ongoing.

Cabinetmakers' Autumn Exhibition

In connection with the conversion, replacement and so on, we have some exciting exhibition kitchens and exhibition environments for sale.
You can now find them under the category “Exhibition Kitchens for sale” by following the link above.

This category page will be regularly updated with the models we have for sale, and there’s usually a lot of money to save if you buy a display kitchen. Here you have not the ability to tailor its joiner kitchen as you want – but it’s still the same high quality workmanship that you get from Garde Hvalsøe ● Thoughts and Wood.

Click into passing the new subcategory where you can currently find a beautiful “Model Front” joiner kitchen with spray-painted white fronts and cabinet and tapsamlede oak drawers. The table top is made of white Corian, and the fixture is from KWC “Eve”, also in white.

Exhibition Kitchens

Contact us to learn more – or find the price of the exhibition kitchen in our Facebook album.

So landed our first shipment from Turn Style – a UK-based company with proud traditions of craftsmanship, which specializes in knobs and handles with leather-working and detail.

It’s not because we at Garde Hvalsøe ● Thoughts and Wood are the major supporters of handles and knobs, but sometimes they are just not going to get around, and then one can make a virtue out of it and get the grips incorporated in the projects in a sensible manner.


The leather-upholstered grip to be applied to an iron door, which is part of the entrance to a wine cellar – we retrieve the images on our cases when it is mounted.

We have, due to the metro project, now for some time been difficult to find, behind the green fence at Oslo Plads 16th

Therefore, we set out to do something – something to get us back in the cityscape. It is in collaboration with the artist Hans E Madsen, and the feat “deconstructed Drawers” where the green metro fence along Kristianiagade up against the Oslo area will be decorated in our orange color with floating Drawer fronts in a deconstructed setup with lights from behind as grip enhances the overall expression and establishes a link with a QR code that is designed as an independent work.
The installation appears as an illuminated relief that makes a building fences living.

Floating Drawer

Work on installation mockuppen progressing well and you will soon be able to see the project “live”. Follow us on Facebook, Google+ or blog, to see how the project progresses.