Things that keep – keep

Garde Hvalsøe • Thoughts and Wood introduces in cooperation with The Last Bag, a bag, where King idea of ​​good design, high quality and Danish produced goods is something that lasts – in more ways than one.

Piet Breinholm says about the cooperation: “The Last Bag has always been characterized by local production and the craftsmanship. Garde Hvalsøes approach to their production, attention to detail and the precise tailoring to the customer that takes place deserves a tradition and wrapping the ordinary. Therefore, The Last Bag designed briefcases specifically for Garde Hvalsøe the necessary documents included with the purchase of a Garde Hvalsøe kitchen. Their cuisines and handicrafts deserves to be followed well to the door … ”

The Last Bag

Garde Hvalsøe folder is only possible to get your hands on if you’re cuisine customer, but the other bags from The Last Bag collection is on sale.