Exhibition Kitchens with discount

In connection with the conversion, replacement and so on, we have some exciting exhibition kitchens and exhibition environments for sale.
You can now find them under the category “Exhibition Kitchens for sale” by following the link above.

This category page will be regularly updated with the models we have for sale, and there’s usually a lot of money to save if you buy a display kitchen. Here you have not the ability to tailor its joiner kitchen as you want – but it’s still the same high quality workmanship that you get from Garde Hvalsøe ● Thoughts and Wood.

Click into passing the new subcategory where you can currently find a beautiful “Model Front” joiner kitchen with spray-painted white fronts and cabinet and tapsamlede oak drawers. The table top is made of white Corian, and the fixture is from KWC “Eve”, also in white.

Exhibition Kitchens

Contact us to learn more – or find the price of the exhibition kitchen in our Facebook album.