“Deconstructed drawers” on Kristianiagade

The green metro fences have long surrounded our showroom at Oslo Plads 16, and we have for some time been hard to find. But we are here all yet! As described in the news about the art installation at Kristianiagade so we have a collaboration with the artist Hans E Madsen created the feat “deconstructed drawers”.

Here, the green metro fence along Kristianiagade against Oslo Square and Dag Hammarskjöld Allé decorated with backlit, floating drawer fronts. The lights from behind will act as grip and help to enhance the overall look. The fence is also painted in our signature orange color, and as an independent work of art, our QR code will be constructed in the 3 x 3 meters.

The installation appears as an illuminated relief that makes a building fences living.

Drawers using American elm

Update 2 May 2013: There will be working full pressure with our decorating project for Metro fence in front of our showroom. All because the work is finished and theater painter has started with her crazy tool. We fine-tunes sample no. 2, so we get as close as possible to the American elm. Final details on how tapsamlingerne be painted is also in place. In front are now waiting about 3 weeks of work with the painting work, lakforseglingen and last but not least the necessary evil … graffiti protection.

Update July 1, 2013: The art installation has unfortunately been somewhat delayed and has not been much to report on. But now there is time for things around again and the weekend has gone with assembly and painting work on the metro fence, which has now been painted in our orange color and has been fitted frames which skuffeforstykkerne suspension. We expect the project will be completed before the school summer holidays are over.

Garde Hvalsøe • Thoughts and Wood introduces in cooperation with The Last Bag, a bag, where King idea of good design, high quality and Danish produced goods is something that lasts – in more ways than one.

Piet Breinholm says about the cooperation: “The Last Bag has always been characterized by local production and the craftsmanship. Garde Hvalsøes approach to their production, attention to detail and the precise tailoring to the customer that takes place deserves a tradition and wrapping the ordinary. Therefore, The Last Bag designed briefcases specifically for Garde Hvalsøe the necessary documents included with the purchase of a Garde Hvalsøe kitchen. Their cuisines and handicrafts deserves to be followed well to the door … ”

The Last Bag

Garde Hvalsøe folder is only possible to get your hands on if you’re cuisine customer, but the other bags from The Last Bag collection is on sale.

Garde Hvalsøe in February 2013 hosted the furniture designer Dan Svarths furniture exhibition in our showroom at Oslo Plads 16, DK-2100 Copenhagen.

At the exhibition you can among other things see some of the chairs, gravbårer and carriages which through the ages has been used by the Egyptian pharaohs. Dan Svarth have first studied furniture in various museums around the world, and then constructed them down to the smallest detail.

furniture exhibition in showroom

The models are in the ratio 1: 5, is a very interesting exhibition is certainly worth a visit – and they are all very detailed and extremely beautiful craftsmanship that we are very happy to present in our showroom.

Since furniture can impact your wellbeing, your comfort, and your efficiency, it can virtually swap out your life. While this realization can make buying furniture somewhat challenging, it is essential. You wish to buy furniture that fits, helps and enhances the way you reside.

If you are new to buying furniture, or have learned that the furniture you have isn’t helping you, here are some ideas:

Furniture is essentially a functional commodity and is employed for solving problems related to how your home functions for you. This is important to determine your preferences before you buy furniture, and for that we now have some important questions you will need to ask yourself before buying any.

Along with your needs, there are also constraints when it comes to furnishing. These kinds of constraints could relate to space, health, budget, or any other special need. Knowing your furniture needs and constraints, can help you explore furnishing opportunities better. Make this the first and most basic step of your buying process.
Understanding how to find your style will assist you to buy furniture that is really your own.

Knowing your lifestyle offers you confidence to buy just the right part. Furniture that is in keeping with your own style or complements it successfully, makes your space not simply comfortable, but attractive as well.

Knowing your style also gives you greater overall flexibility because then you are likely to find it in however, unlikeliest pieces of furniture. You have the cabability to connect in seemingly disparate bits to create truly unique and personal spaces. You also have the capability to find other furniture that complement your furniture in a way that is all yours.