Are you planning to buy a snow blower for you home? Did you know that there are many aspects you need to look into before you purchase snow blowers, Wondering why? Many brands are making different designs and models for various users and requirements.

If you are living independently and never bought a snow blower, then you should educate yourself about the snow blowers in the market because you might buy a snow blower, which can be useful or perhaps not. We will educate you on important points you need to consider before the purchase of a snow blower.

Hand Snow Blower

Weight & Size

The first thing, which in my opinion is the first aspect you need to check is weight. Everything starts with moving it from place to place. You need to check the weight of the blower is not heavy or else you will always have issues with moving it one place to another. Let’s assume that your house backyard is small and the size of the blower is big then it would be difficult to reach the corners to clear the way. Storage is another issue with the big machines.

Small in Size

Like I have mentioned that everyone has their requirements. If you are someone who has a huge backyard or has a farm, then a small snow blower would drive you crazy as it consumers time to make the way.

Wet and Heavy Snow

Many fail to understand their actual requirement then they purchase snow thrower, which is ineffective towards the wet and heavy snow then they blame the manufacturers. It is wise for you to understand what you need. Get a heavyweight snow blower for wet and heavy snow.

Hand Snow Blower_Wet and Dry Snow


One of the common issues with the newbies is that they don’t know how to support. Look for the snow blowers which requires less maintenance. If you are ordering it then ensure you have space in the garage or a closet space for it or it will fail to start when in need.

Price and Quality

If you are low on budget, then you can purchase a blower which is less in price but has very good quality and features which are enough for you.

“Legato” in the Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition 2013

Electric or Gas Model

There are many designs and models which are made for different requirement. Currently, many manufacturers are recommending electric snow throwers. Electric snow throwers which are two times expensive than the Oil model. Many brands are suggesting the electric version. However, make sure that you are trying the demo version of it before ordering it.

As mentioned earlier, we are manufacturers of a combined work and storage unit, designed by Andreas Lund and Rikke Hagen.

Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition 2013 kicked off on Thursday, which was filled with visitors – and there was great interest in our contributions. The work table “Legato” is a combination of a storage unit and work with a lot of fine details incorporated in the construction.

These are high-quality craftsmanship combined with a beautiful and unique design, and the final result is beyond all expectations. It was also nice to see the huge interest there was for the table Thursday at the opening. The work table is constructed of oak, brass, leather and linoleum.

Cabinets Unique Designs

You can visit the Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition at Design Museum Denmark, Bredgade 68 in Copenhagen K. It is open Tuesday to Sunday from 11-17.

Additionally, read the press coverage from Berlingske here.

There are numerous designs and models which can be made for different necessity. Currently, many manufacturers are recommending electric snow throwers. Electric snow throwers which are twice expensive than the Oil model. A large number of brands are suggesting the electric version. However, make sure that you are attempting the demo version of it before purchasing it.


When you are ordering Electric model or the Oil model, the aspects will remain the same. You need to ensure you are making the right purchase for your requirements. Not every snow blowers can do what the brands claim and you can check the reviews online to know the experience after using it for a while, that is the only way to confirm the claims. We would like to your experiences and questions regarding the Best Snow Blowers. Share your ideas and your experiences with us in the comment section below.

With the desire to take nature inside and create a unique and sculptural storage solution Garde Hvalsøe • Thoughts and Wood in collaboration with Schmidt Hammer Lassen and created ‘tree stump’.

The furniture is first drawn in 3D, and these drawings were to be converted to tighten the shape in which we with a special thick elmtræsfinér could buckle the shells up as general construction.

All interior space and drawers are lined with black calfskin and handles on doors and markings on the drawers where to press to open is made of wenge.

interior space and drawers

The furniture can be seen in our exhibition at Oslo Plads 16, DK-2100 KBH Island.

Our new brochure is now finally approved by us at Garde Hvalsøe, graphic designers and everyone else who participated in this project that has lasted a few months, all of which have done so much to perfect our new book. On Tuesday, there were press start on the book!

We look forward to seeing the final result, which is somewhat different than the current book we have now, and we’re very, very excited to receive the first edition.

When the digital version is finally ready, you will also find a link to this here.

UPDATE 13/08/2013:
Our new brochure is now online and can be found on iBoligens website. See more here:

Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition is imminent, and the final preparations are well under way around the country. This year, the works – the theme of storage – seen at the Danish Design Museum from 1 November 2013 – March 30, 2014.

The designers Rikke Hagen and Andreas Lund has been responsible for the lines where we at Garde Hvalsøe A / S acts manufacturers, for their views on a practical storage unit, which has resulted in a work of fine storage options.

Right now the bench is taking shape in our workshop, and more photos will be continuously shared. We look forward to seeing the final result, and follow the preparatory ongoing.

Cabinetmakers' Autumn Exhibition

In connection with the conversion, replacement and so on, we have some exciting exhibition kitchens and exhibition environments for sale.
You can now find them under the category “Exhibition Kitchens for sale” by following the link above.

This category page will be regularly updated with the models we have for sale, and there’s usually a lot of money to save if you buy a display kitchen. Here you have not the ability to tailor its joiner kitchen as you want – but it’s still the same high quality workmanship that you get from Garde Hvalsøe ● Thoughts and Wood.

Click into passing the new subcategory where you can currently find a beautiful “Model Front” joiner kitchen with spray-painted white fronts and cabinet and tapsamlede oak drawers. The table top is made of white Corian, and the fixture is from KWC “Eve”, also in white.

Exhibition Kitchens

Contact us to learn more – or find the price of the exhibition kitchen in our Facebook album.

So landed our first shipment from Turn Style – a UK-based company with proud traditions of craftsmanship, which specializes in knobs and handles with leather-working and detail.

It’s not because we at Garde Hvalsøe ● Thoughts and Wood are the major supporters of handles and knobs, but sometimes they are just not going to get around, and then one can make a virtue out of it and get the grips incorporated in the projects in a sensible manner.


The leather-upholstered grip to be applied to an iron door, which is part of the entrance to a wine cellar – we retrieve the images on our cases when it is mounted.

We have, due to the metro project, now for some time been difficult to find, behind the green fence at Oslo Plads 16th

Therefore, we set out to do something – something to get us back in the cityscape. It is in collaboration with the artist Hans E Madsen, and the feat “deconstructed Drawers” where the green metro fence along Kristianiagade up against the Oslo area will be decorated in our orange color with floating Drawer fronts in a deconstructed setup with lights from behind as grip enhances the overall expression and establishes a link with a QR code that is designed as an independent work.
The installation appears as an illuminated relief that makes a building fences living.

Floating Drawer

Work on installation mockuppen progressing well and you will soon be able to see the project “live”. Follow us on Facebook, Google+ or blog, to see how the project progresses.

With a medication dosage of restraint to balance your kitchen’s small level, you can happily display a variety, hang draperies, and accessorize your kitchen to mirror your style.

Don’t believe that what you’ve been informed! Small kitchen areas do indeed have the potential to allure approximately their bigger counterparts. Because visible clutter can lessen an already small space, plan your small kitchen redesign with the demand of keeping things simple. Attain simpleness by keeping counter tops clutter-free. Take good thing about unused space, just like a bare wall membrane, the alcove above the cabinets or a clear window sill to include decor sparingly. Uniformity also produces simpleness, as evidenced in a monochromatic color scheme and grouping similar items. For instance, create aesthetic continuity by pairing like items like a collection of attractive plates, a couple of storage area baskets or a grouping of photographs in coordinating dark-colored frames.

Color takes on an important role in designing the kitchen, particularly if you bathe the area in a flattering tone-on-tone palette that provides the impression of spaciousness. To get a bold and unpredicted design touch, not forgetting a departure from play-it-safe white, consider painting an accent wall structure in a captivating hue. An attention-grabbing wall structure brings depth and style, and it’ll even point out architectural elements particular to your room.

Not focused on a broad heart stroke of remarkable color? Then infuse color and style through draperies, a room-anchoring rug, or upholstery in an integral banquette. Both fundamentals work to soften your kitchen and are a representation of your individual design style, whether it is everyday or formal, common or modern.

Through the decorating process, be sure you research and examine your light situation. Although recessed and under-cabinet signals leave the tiniest footprint in a tiny kitchen, a set of pendant bulbs above the guts island or a trendy drum tone above the built-in breakfast time nook gives your kitchen a done look.

Everything in a tiny kitchen must provide double-duty, so cabinets and cabinets aren’t simply for storing meals. With proper styling, floating racks or glass-front units are easily changed into elegant vignettes for treasures or a collection of cookbooks. If space for storage is bound, then generate a freestanding cupboard just like a bookshelf or a baker’s rack to carry your kitchen basics.
The accessories you decide to feature in your kitchen can be the first elements friends notice. Many homeowners turn to accessories–along with other thematic elements like color techniques and patterns–as an possibility to communicate their design cosmetic and add visible interest and a definite personality with their kitchen design style. Manufacturers of accessories have accepted this development and are actually offering a sizable collection of unique, eye-catching accessories designs.

A few of the most prominent accessories in virtually kitchen are in fact preparing implements. Mixers, blenders, toasters and other small home appliances are ubiquitous in kitchen areas. As important because they are functionally, they could be equally effective as it pertains to your kitchen’s design style and appearance.

The days whenever your choices for kitchen appliance design were “stainless and more stainless” are over. Now, vendors and online area of expertise outlets carry a variety of small equipment in vivid colors and unique designs, with glowing yellows and greens, reds, oranges and blues especially common places in modern-day homes. For their low account, accessories like these in strong colors can match with virtually any kitchen style, from traditional to modern. For the more daring homeowner, large kitchen appliances are also available in a variety of bold, vintage colors and styles–ranges and refrigerators in smart reds, fuchsia and other playful colors aren’t wholly unusual.

While small and large gadgets can make great aesthetically interesting accessories, many homeowners choose to add colors and habits through smaller design elements. Among the most frequent approaches is by using serving items and kitchenware as an possibility to share some style personality. Much like small equipment, these elements are also accessible in a rainbow of color selections, habits and unique sizes and shapes.

Finally, many homeowners choose to include artwork or other ornamental accessories with their kitchen areas, often in a kitchen theme proven fact that syncs with a standard aesthetic of the house or of your kitchen space. European, Mediterranean, rustic and country designs are very common, plus they afford the home owner an possibility to accessorize your kitchen with artwork and other design elements that reference point a particular time frame or cultural impact.

Among the trademark areas of a caf?-style kitchen is the seats. And also the caf? dining room table, consider seats that emulate the design of those you’d find in a normal caf? — these will most likely feature chair and seatback cushions, as well as armrests, the easier to relax a coffee-laden arm on when you leaf through the newspaper (physical or digital, whichever you like).

The green metro fences have long surrounded our showroom at Oslo Plads 16, and we have for some time been hard to find. But we are here all yet! As described in the news about the art installation at Kristianiagade so we have a collaboration with the artist Hans E Madsen created the feat “deconstructed drawers”.

Here, the green metro fence along Kristianiagade against Oslo Square and Dag Hammarskjöld Allé decorated with backlit, floating drawer fronts. The lights from behind will act as grip and help to enhance the overall look. The fence is also painted in our signature orange color, and as an independent work of art, our QR code will be constructed in the 3 x 3 meters.

The installation appears as an illuminated relief that makes a building fences living.

Drawers using American elm

Update 2 May 2013: There will be working full pressure with our decorating project for Metro fence in front of our showroom. All because the work is finished and theater painter has started with her crazy tool. We fine-tunes sample no. 2, so we get as close as possible to the American elm. Final details on how tapsamlingerne be painted is also in place. In front are now waiting about 3 weeks of work with the painting work, lakforseglingen and last but not least the necessary evil … graffiti protection.

Update July 1, 2013: The art installation has unfortunately been somewhat delayed and has not been much to report on. But now there is time for things around again and the weekend has gone with assembly and painting work on the metro fence, which has now been painted in our orange color and has been fitted frames which skuffeforstykkerne suspension. We expect the project will be completed before the school summer holidays are over.

Garde Hvalsøe • Thoughts and Wood introduces in cooperation with The Last Bag, a bag, where King idea of good design, high quality and Danish produced goods is something that lasts – in more ways than one.

Piet Breinholm says about the cooperation: “The Last Bag has always been characterized by local production and the craftsmanship. Garde Hvalsøes approach to their production, attention to detail and the precise tailoring to the customer that takes place deserves a tradition and wrapping the ordinary. Therefore, The Last Bag designed briefcases specifically for Garde Hvalsøe the necessary documents included with the purchase of a Garde Hvalsøe kitchen. Their cuisines and handicrafts deserves to be followed well to the door … ”

The Last Bag

Garde Hvalsøe folder is only possible to get your hands on if you’re cuisine customer, but the other bags from The Last Bag collection is on sale.

Garde Hvalsøe in February 2013 hosted the furniture designer Dan Svarths furniture exhibition in our showroom at Oslo Plads 16, DK-2100 Copenhagen.

At the exhibition you can among other things see some of the chairs, gravbårer and carriages which through the ages has been used by the Egyptian pharaohs. Dan Svarth have first studied furniture in various museums around the world, and then constructed them down to the smallest detail.

furniture exhibition in showroom

The models are in the ratio 1: 5, is a very interesting exhibition is certainly worth a visit – and they are all very detailed and extremely beautiful craftsmanship that we are very happy to present in our showroom.

Since furniture can impact your wellbeing, your comfort, and your efficiency, it can virtually swap out your life. While this realization can make buying furniture somewhat challenging, it is essential. You wish to buy furniture that fits, helps and enhances the way you reside.

If you are new to buying furniture, or have learned that the furniture you have isn’t helping you, here are some ideas:

Furniture is essentially a functional commodity and is employed for solving problems related to how your home functions for you. This is important to determine your preferences before you buy furniture, and for that we now have some important questions you will need to ask yourself before buying any.

Along with your needs, there are also constraints when it comes to furnishing. These kinds of constraints could relate to space, health, budget, or any other special need. Knowing your furniture needs and constraints, can help you explore furnishing opportunities better. Make this the first and most basic step of your buying process.
Understanding how to find your style will assist you to buy furniture that is really your own.

Knowing your lifestyle offers you confidence to buy just the right part. Furniture that is in keeping with your own style or complements it successfully, makes your space not simply comfortable, but attractive as well.

Knowing your style also gives you greater overall flexibility because then you are likely to find it in however, unlikeliest pieces of furniture. You have the cabability to connect in seemingly disparate bits to create truly unique and personal spaces. You also have the capability to find other furniture that complement your furniture in a way that is all yours.

We Do Wood gives kitchen baton to Garde Hvalsøe – and is therefore a design collaboration on this particular front. We Do Wood was the first in Denmark who worked with bamboo kitchens, and has in recent years had a tremendous development in his profession.

We Do Wood / Garde Hvalsøe bamboo kitchen is, unlike the other Garde Hvalsøe kitchens, not made in special sizes or with the carpenter total drawers. We Do Wood-kitchens are standard with bamboo trays, as tradition has been with We Do Wood. It means a lot for the price, about 50% below Garde Hvalsøes average kitchen prices.

We have been looking forward to bidding We Do Wood formally welcome and we look forward to an exciting collaboration with this sustainable bamboo kitchen – with either bamboo or linoleum fronts fronts.

Press releases concerning the design collaboration between We Do Wood and Garde Hvalsøe.

It was bamboo kitchens which in its time was the beginning for We Do Wood, and with a chief designer who has been a cabinetmaker apprentice Garde Hvalsøe, was co obvious, since the new strategy prescribed an increased focus on furniture and design tasks.

Computer Table

In 2012, we at Garde Hvalsøe signed a design collaboration with We Do Wood, who is internationally renowned for their innovative design and furniture, in the sustainable material bamboo. Sebastian Jørgensen chief designer at We Do Wood, has in its time been apprenticed as a cabinetmaker in our workshop, and over the years as an apprentice and journeyman built many kitchens and furniture Garde Hvalsøe auspices.

“We are proud of the new design collaboration with Garde Hvalsøe which continues the rapid development We Do Wood has experienced in recent years. The new kitchen from Garde Hvalsøe points both back to the early years of We Do Wood’s story, where Sebastian Jorgensen and Henrik Thygesen designed the first bamboo kitchens in Denmark.


In addition to an eat-in style table in your café kitchen, you may consider banquet seating at a café-style bar, countertop or kitchen island. Seating for these features often comes in the form of barstool or high café-style chairs, convenient for adding when you have a preponderance of guests, and removing when you need room for cooking, food preparation or cleaning.

Another common decoration in café-style kitchens is the under-sink curtain. Convenient for disguising pipes or storage areas underneath your sink, under-sink curtains give you an opportunity to add color and visual interest to your kitchen design. Floral or plaid patterns or solids in bold colors can liven up your in-home café tremendously — and in a pinch, the curtains can even be used as an impromptu dishrag. Other fabrics are also commonly deployed to great effect in café-style kitchens, with curtains, tablecloths and pillows featured to add the same type of functional and stylistic benefits.

Café kitchen decorating doesn’t have to be limited to accessories and fabrics, though — shelving is an aspect of the design that’s core to the kitchen’s appearance and function, but it can also contribute mightily to the decor approach. In café kitchens, shelving is often left open, a technique that allows cookware, glassware and dishes to be exposed. This serves a dual purpose — stylistic and decorative, because you’ll have the opportunity to show off your favorite pieces—and functional, because you’ll be able to reach up and grab them without the extra step of opening a door. As a related approach, many café kitchens will feature hanging ceramics, cookware or dishware — coffee cups hanging from a series of hooks, or pots and pans strategically arranged on a pegboard behind the sink are a common sight.

Whether you’re considering a full-on vintage style that strongly references a bygone era, or just looking to spruce up your overall design with some vintage flourishes, you’ll have plenty of options from which to choose.

When referencing vintage design or decorating, it can be helpful to first outline the distinctions between antique, vintage and retro styles — all of which are commonly cited by homeowners and designers when planning remodels or kitchen installs. In general, “antique” refers to items that are over 100 years old. “Vintage” refers to an item that is both strongly representative of an era of design, and usually well-over 20 years old. Finally, “retro” is almost always used to refer to an item or a design that references a fairly recent fashion or design trend — a good example would be acid-washed jeans — they’re worn as much for style as for the opportunity to playfully pay homage to a recent era of fashion and design.

In today’s design lingo, “vintage” generally refers to styles that originated between the 1930s and 1950s. In particular, the playful, optimistic and “retro futurist” designs of the post World War II era are popular vintage styles. Decorating a vintage kitchen with these referential styles can take many forms, from artwork to cooking accessories, all of them able to be paired with specifically vintage designs, or incorporated into different design styles.

One of the simplest ways to decorate a kitchen with vintage designs is with cookware and accessories. Mixers, coffee makers, toasters and other small appliances are all available in vintage styles, often featuring the space-age designs of the 1950s and 1960s in an array of bright and bold colors like yellow, green, orange and red.

Artwork can also be a great way to add a vintage appeal to your kitchen design. From impressionistic modern paintings and prints from the 1950s to vintage advertising or political posters from the World War II era, artwork can add great visual interest to any vintage kitchen design.

Another option for decorating vintage kitchens is wallpaper. Playful colors and designs are often incorporated, sometimes covering entire walls, and other times used as a flourish on a backsplash or as a lining for the back of a vintage cabinet. Polka dots and other popular wallpaper patterns from the postwar era can be a great addition to a vintage kitchen design.